Whitewater Rafting in Nepal: Frequently Asked Questions

Whitewater rafting in Nepal - An Adventure of a Lifetime……….

Why choose Adrift Adventures Nepal Company for you/groups? 

Adrift Adventures Raft with the Best Nepal River………........

  • We were the Nepal’s leading white-water rafting and Adventures travel company.
  • We have been guiding people on rivers over 15 years and introduced rafting in Nepal.
  • The original Nepal river rafting and travel company, we completed the first ever descent of the wild river of Nepal, closing the final chapter on the navigation of the world's longest river including Karnali Expedition.
  • Our priority is safety first; we set the gold standard in safety & we have an unequalled safety record
  • 100% good services & quality Guaranteed for your clients / group.
  • Our small group approach ensures that you have an intimate and serene experience with nature.
  •  Our expertise covers a lot more than just rafting holidays; we are also specialists in trekking in Nepal, hiking in Nepal, Climbing in Nepal, touring in Nepal, ticketing in Nepal, mountain flight in Nepal, yoga in Nepal, transportation booking in Nepal, hotel booking in Nepal, flight booking Nepal and Various trip operators.
  • Quality and safety-driven dive rafting, from single dives to multi-day trips at an affordable price.
  • Our local river guides are of international standard.
  • We use our own private transport.
  • You have access to detailed trip and area information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • We provide fresh, diverse meals with organic choices & Hygienic, wholesome food ((including vegetarian options).
  • More than 40,000 guests have trusted us to take them to Exotic River in Nepal.
  • We use top-notch, well-maintained equipment American Brand.
  • Our experienced, well-rounded guides are personable and approachable
  • We are committed to treading lightly on the environment.
  • You need not have outdoor experience; we’ll show you the ropes.
  • Only ones company of Nepal Using all rafting equipments form American company NRS/USA, Highly recommended sustainable company &Excellence in customer service.

Which rafting trips are best for me in Nepal?
When choosing your whitewater rafting trip in Nepal, consider the age of the rafters, level of enthusiasm, location and season. You can also view our interactive rafting river to learn more about adrift rafting adventures.

Use the following categories to help narrow your decision:

Family Friendly Rafting Adventures with Adrift adventures Nepal

Short and sweet Family-Friendly Adventures

Accessible to almost anyone, these trips are a great choice for first-timers and families with younger children. Rapids range from fast moving water with riffles (Class I-) to rapids with large waves and fast current (Class III). Adrift Nepal offers Family-Friendly Adventures on the  trishuli river 1-2 days trips  ( III) , The Seti River(  III-IV  )2 day trips and The Bhote  Kosi River +IV(1-2 day trip) . There are also Family-Friendly Adventures on fast water with Class IV rapids.    

*1 Day raft - 2 –Day raft Trips: Though most of our one-day rafting trips include a hearty lunch, plan to spend most of your day on the river. Side excursions on day trips are limited as we want to maximize your fun for the day!

Action Packed Whitewater Rafting with Adrift adventure Nepal Nepal

Action-Packed Adventures
These exciting rivers offer whitewater thrills and spectacular scenery. Try out the Karnali River rafting and Fishing in Nepal (10 days) ,Sun Kosi River rafting & Kayaking (8 -10 days) , Kali Gandaki river rafting and Kayaking (3 days ) class-V, tamur  river rafting & Kayaking (12 days)class -IV , many more river  rafting  for plenty of Class III-IV+ excitement. Expect turbulent water, tight maneuvers, steep drops and lots of fun!

Multi-Day raft  Trips: You may expect to spend part of your day traveling down river and another part hiking, exploring or relaxing on dry land. We stop mid-day for a wonderful lunch spread, and you typically arrive at camp early enough to explore, read, nap, play horseshoes or share a cocktail.

What happens on a typical rafting trip in Nepal?
Our goal, since 2000, has been to help people enjoy "the best outdoor experience of their lives." Every day on the river brings a new experience, whether it’s spending a ½ day experiencing your first rapids, spotting wildlife, hiking to ancient petroglyphs or staying up late to watch shooting stars.  However, there are certain things you can count on. A Day with Adrift Adventures.–What to Expect on your Adrift Adventures Nepal. Whitewater Vacation details everything from breakfast to bathrooms.

Do I need previous experience?
No, but you should be ready to spend a few hours to a full day participating in an outdoor activity. Prior rafting experience is required to raft the Trishuli River.

What should I wear on the river rafting in Nepal?

Is the trip all whitewater in Nepal?
No.  Most rivers are “pool and drop” meaning exciting whitewater interspersed with stretches of calm, relaxing floating, allowing you time to soak up the natural serenity. From a casual Class I float to maximum intensity Class IV & V whitewater, the ride itself is a lot of fun. However, we only spend a short amount of the long, lingering days in the rafts. The stops along the way are selected to provide excellent opportunities for walking, hiking, birding, wildlife viewing and simply immersing yourself in the magic and the majesty of the region.

What type of boat will I be in? Will I be expected to paddle?
Adrift Adventures Nepal offers an entire fleet of choices for your whitewater rafting experience. (Not all boat options are available on all rivers). You are the engine on a paddle raft: everybody paddles while the guide shouts instructions ( 6 -8 paddlers). In an oar raft, your guide pilots the raft with long oars as you relax and enjoy the ride ( 6-8  passengers). You help your guide in an oar raft-paddle assist combination, which is used mainly on maximum intensity Class IV-V whitewater (4-6 paddlers). It's just you and the water in an inflatable kayak, which is a fun option in low- to mid-intensity rapids on many of the rivers we run (1 or 2 paddlers). Dories are small, traditional and charmingly elegant, rigid boats. Dories offer passenger benches and hardwood rails and trim, and they are able to run a river much more quickly than a raft (2-4 passengers).

Can I bring young children on a rafting trip in Nepal?
Adrift Adventures Nepal invites children as young as four on family rafting trips. We want your kids to have the time of their lives, and we want you to be relaxed and able to appreciate their enthusiasm and delight. We shoulder the work and sweat all the details as you watch your child gain confidence and thrive in the natural world. Adrift Adventure Nepal offers more than 15 itineraries designed especially for family adventures.

Do I have to know how to swim?
On most trips, you do not need to know how to swim, Swimming is not necessary, you will be wearing a life jacket and we don't recommend that you swim in whitewater.
On most trips, you do not need to know how to swim.  All adrift adventure Nepal guests must wear our Coast Guard approved Personal Flotation Devices (aka PFDs or life jackets). Should you fall out of your boat, the PFD is designed to float you face up in the water. Before you get into your boat, however, our guides will give a detailed safety talk and show you how to properly “swim” a rapid. Please be advised our U.S. Coast Guard approved PFDs are rated to accommodate persons no heavier than 260 pounds and with a chest size no larger than 52 inches.  We are experienced at accommodating people of all ages and abilities.

What should I pack, and what should I wear on the river?
In collaboration with our guides and operations managers, our expert adventure consultants, who have nearly 500 river trips among them, have compiled detailed packing lists for each trip we offer. These documents include advice on everything from footwear-if you plan to buy footwear for your trip, make sure to make your purchase far enough in advance and break in until comfy-to what to wear on the boat and in camp, as well as what personal items are a must (e.g. water bottle & sun protection). What to bring on your rafting trip, and what to wear on the river, is as varied as the itineraries themselves. Your gear will depend on the time of year, water temperature and the weather for your trip.

Can I bring my camera or video camera?
Of course! On all of our multi-day rafting trips, we provide each guest with a small waterproof bag  to hold your camera and other items you might want during the day. It is secured in a readily accessible spot on the raft. While our bags are waterproof to further protect your camera you may wish to place it in a zip-loc plastic bag, or special waterproof camera case. We also recommend padding it with a small towel or clothing. Sand can be a problem-so cleans your camera every night with tissue, a brush and lens paper. We also strongly recommend you take out a rider on your homeowner's policy to cover your camera-especially if it's fine equipment. If you are planning to bring a digital camera make sure to carry additional memory cards, batteries, and any other extras you will need. Disposable waterproof cameras are also a fun option.

What are the guides’ qualifications?
Adrift Adventure Nepal guides set us apart! They are the single most complimented component of our organization. They share our appreciation for rivers and natural ecosystems. They are reliable, responsible, experienced and committed to enhancing your safety. All are qualified in CPR and First Aid; many have earned credentials in Wilderness First Responder, swift water rescue and Leave No Trace. They also know their territories. Not just the river’s moods and the best way to handle Crystal Rapid in a high spring flow, but also the difference between a beaver tail cactus and a barrel cactus, a pictograph and a petroglyph. They know people, too. They’re friendly, open, and approachable. They’re there because they want to share and learn along with you. So that our guests can take the best advantage of the guides’ skills and personalities, we maintain the best guest-to-guide ratio in the business: one guide for every four guests. One to four: it’s our acknowledgement that relationships are just as important as whitewater.

Should I tip my guide?
Guests often ask whether gratuities are appropriate, and in what amount. If you feel your guides have provided a very special trip for you, a gratuity may be left with the trip leader and will be shared among the crew. Entirely discretionary, anything between "Thank you" and 10% of trip cost is a general tipping guideline. If you plan to tip, remember to bring a personal check or cash - ATMs are hard to find in the backcountry!

What about the privy?
While the idea of a river trip is appealing to most people, many are inhibited or reluctant because of modesty or uncertainty. Perhaps a few facts will relieve (pardon the pun) your concerns. On most of our one-day rafting trips, there are bathrooms or outhouses at the put-in and/or take out locations. For multi-day rafting trips, we use what is called a "porta-potty" system that is set up each afternoon at camp in a secluded location that assures privacy. It is essentially a toilet without plumbing and is available from the time you pull into camp each afternoon until you leave the morning.

How's the food?
The meals we serve on our rafting trips are hearty and sumptuous, complete with fresh fruits and vegetables throughout your entire journey. Our menus feature great camp cooking in a wilderness atmosphere. Wake up to pancakes, omelets, or eggs cooked to order, complemented by tuna Fish,  Meat, juice, and plenty of fresh-brewed coffee, tea . Satiate your appetite at lunch with a delicious spread of cold cuts and cheese on assorted breads, hummus and veggies in soft pitas, or tasty taco salad wraps. At the dinner table, our guides' cooking skills truly shine. You may snack on hors d'oeuvres while waiting for vegetable or non Vegetable food. Expect to eat as well - or better - than you do at home, without having to do any of the work.

Can you accommodate my special dietary needs?
We are happy to accommodate vegetarian or vegan preferences, food allergies and other special dietary considerations if you tell us of your needs ahead of time.

Do I need travel insurance?
Although every effort is made to provide a safe trip for all, we strongly recommend that you protect yourself, your belongings, and your vacation through the purchase of a short-term traveler’s policy.  A trip cancellation policy covers your non-refundable payments in most cases, should you have to cancel your trip due to illness or injury even at the last minute.  Trip participants should realize that in the event of illness or injury on a river trip, evacuation can be prolonged, difficult and expensive.  Personal belongings and cameras are carried entirely at the owner’s risk, and adrift adventures Nepal accepts no responsibility for lost, damaged, delayed or stolen property.

Is adrift adventure Nepal licensed to conduct river trips and other Adventures travel in Nepal?
Yes. adrift adventures Nepal  is a fully licensed ( No:- 302600788) and registered company in Nepal and recognized by the tourism authority of the government of Nepal to operating by  White water rafting, tours, travel, trekking, mountaineering expeditions, and other travel related activities. Our sister companies ‘Nepal Rafting & ‘Nepal Mountain Travel & Tours’ with Adrift adventures Nepal playing a lead role; conducts a host of over 600 holiday categories that begin in Nepal & extend throughout the axis of the Himalayas that also make up Tibet & Bhutan. Our assortment of holidays include: 4 season outdoor breaks, cultural tours, historical excursions, classic countryside walks, treks on off-the-beat-trails, go-wild river rafting, kayaking, remote wilderness treks, overland tours, visiting exclusive heritage sites, thrilling mountain bike tours, spiritual tours, cozy home stays, practical volunteer programs, unique jungle safaris, all domestic & international ticketing services, yoga & meditation with spa therapies & reliable transportation services throughout the Himalayas. Our special prices can cope with any level of tourists that even extends to the budget & shoe-string backpacker & the discerning traveler from any corner of the globe. Members of the adrift adventure Nepal family of companies are proud to hold permits with these agencies, allowing us to conduct trips on protected land and water that might otherwise be inaccessible to most members of the public.

Is adrift Adventures Nepal Company operating only rafting?
Not Only!!! ADRIFT ADVENTURES Nepal is the outdoor adventures holiday specialist. Nepal’s leading adventure companies offering unique itineraries on Himalayan countries of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. The company has been operating small group trips, adventure holidays and white water vacations since 2000. We have a trekking, rafting and adventure travel holiday to suit nearly every age or fitness level. From awe-inspiring trekking holidays in the Himalaya to cycling adventures in Asia; expedition  or a cultural adventure touring odyssey along the Silk Road; family adventures, wildlife safaris, mountaineering expeditions - we offer over 500 high quality, well thought out trekking & adventure travel itineraries. Compare our inclusions - you'll not find a better value trekking or adventure travel holiday elsewhere!

What is your price guarantee?
We don't spend lots of time and (your) money shouting about how good we are, and we haven’t got the glossiest brochure, or a flashy website, as we believe in keeping costs low, and passing on the savings to you. Our price guarantee states that if you can find a cheaper ‘like-for-like’ course, then we will beat the price. We offer value without sacrificing our standards.

Is adrift adventure Nepal willing to provide references from previous guests?
Yes. Adrift adventure Nepal is more than happy to provide prospective travelers with names and contact information of past guests who have agreed to be references.  Call any of our friendly adventure consultants at 977-01-4255715 or 977-9851004814 or email us at adrift@nepalriver.com and we will happily provide you with that information: - www.nepalriver.com  or www.adriftadventure.com


Would you like to extend your holiday?

If your answer is yes, there are many options and choices to extend your holiday before or after your main trip. Following trips are suggested for your holiday extensions.

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